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ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water, Craft Kit for Kids,
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ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water, Craft Kit for Kids, Learning Activity Games, DIY Toys, DIY Arts and Crafts Kit, Kids Activity for 5 Years & Above (Pack of 1)


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WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? – Plaster of Paris powder: 1 number, Fish moulds: 8 number, Paints: 6 number, Paint brush: 1 number, Flexible Magnet: 1 number, Craft glue: 1 number, Paper cup: 1 number, Instruction Manual is provided in this unique Toykraftt mould and paint art kit.
HOW TO MAKE IT? First you need to make a thick paste of the plaster of Paris powder mixed with water. This is then poured in the cavities of the moulds and allowed to dry. Once dry, paint them using the tempera colours provided. For use as fridge magnets, stick the rubberized magnets on the back using craft glue. Wall displays from these articles are made by looping nylon thread in the casts during moulding with plaster of Paris
WHAT DO WE LEARN? – This mould and paint activity kit offers a perfect alternative fun way to keep kids busy, learning essential life skills, and using their imagination. They get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, and much more. The final results look quite spectacular. You can use them as showpieces or as fridge magnets.
IDEAL GIFT – This Toykraft art & craft Mould and paint activity yields as many as 8 fish fridge magnets which can be proudly displayed. You would never have expected to see such an amazing art transformation. This kit is also an ideal gift for kids for all occasions – Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Birthdays etc.


The ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water is a fun and engaging craft kit designed specifically for kids aged 5 years and above. It is an excellent toy for keeping your little ones entertained while also providing them with an opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their creativity and imagination.

This DIY arts and crafts kit comes in a pack of 1 and is ideal for kids who enjoy engaging in learning activity games. The kit provides all the necessary materials and tools that your child will need to make their very own under-water themed moulds and paint them to create beautiful and unique designs.

The kit includes a plastic tray with six underwater creatures including a starfish, octopus, seahorse, crab, dolphin, and turtle. The tray also includes enough plaster of Paris to create all six moulds. Combined with the six vibrant paint colors provided in the kit, your child can let their imagination soar and create their very own underwater world.

The ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water kit is designed to be easy to use and requires no additional tools or materials. Your child can create their own moulds by following the simple instructions provided in the kit, and once they are happy with their mould, they can use the paint to add a personal touch to their model.

The DIY toys provided in this kit are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials to ensure that your child can safely use them for extended periods. It is designed to be a kid-friendly activity that encourages creativity, imagination, and learning.

With the ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water kit, your child will learn valuable craft skills that they can use throughout their lifetime. They will learn how to create intricate designs, use paint, and use plaster of Paris to make unique and beautiful models. Additionally, this learning activity game can also help to reduce screen time while providing endless hours of entertainment and fun.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun and engaging activity that your child will love, the ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water kit is an excellent choice. It is a perfect DIY arts and crafts kit that is sure to become a favorite for any young child who loves creative activities. So, hurry up and order your ToyKraft: Mould & Paint Under Water kit now!


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