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Prawn Crackers/ Wafers pack of 2
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Prawn Crackers/ Wafers pack of 2


Fry and eat wafers (crackers).
Actual deveined Prawn meat used
12 months Shelf life
Fry N Eat, just like a papad


Indulge in a scrumptious snack with our pack of 2 Prawn Crackers/Wafers! These crispy snacks are the perfect option to satisfy your cravings and are made with high-quality ingredients. The pack of 2 ensures you have enough to share or save for later!

Our Prawn Crackers/Wafers are made with fresh prawns, the finest wheat flour, and a blend of spices to create a delicious taste that you won’t forget. They are fried to golden perfection to ensure crispiness in every bite.

The light and airy texture of these crackers makes them an ideal snack to munch on any time of the day. They can be paired with your favourite dipping sauces like sweet chilli, soy, or hoisin sauce to add an extra burst of flavour. They are also great as a side with soup or noodle dishes, or even as a topping for salads!

Each pack of 2 contains 200 grams of crackers, making it a perfect option for small gatherings and parties. The packaging is resealable, keeping your crackers fresh for longer periods.

Our Prawn Crackers/Wafers are free from preservatives, food colouring, and additives, making it a healthy snack option. They are also suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free.

In conclusion, our pack of 2 Prawn Crackers/Wafers will surely be the highlight of your snack game. These addictive crackers are packed with flavour and are a perfect option to satisfy your hunger pangs. Get your hands on a pack today and enjoy this scrumptious snack that is perfect for any occasion!


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