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Del Monte Baked Beans, 450g
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Del Monte Baked Beans, 450g


As pioneers in packaged fruits with a heritage that goes back more than a century, Del Monte believes in providing products with trusted quality and great taste to its consumers. It is this philosphy which drives us to source and grow the best garden quality fruits and vegetables from all over India and bring them to you in a convenient format. Del Monte Baked Beans is a source of Protein, an essential building block for healthy muscles and bones. It also provides energy whilst being low in Fat making them a perfect healthy accompaniment to food.


Del Monte Baked Beans, 450g is a product that is bound to serve as a delicious addition to your meals, meal preparations, or just as a snack. This baked beans recipe from one of the world’s leading food brands offers a delectable blend of iconic flavors that you cannot find anywhere else.

These tasty baked beans come in a convenient 450g can that you can easily store on a shelf or in your pantry. They are ready to serve without much fuss, making them the perfect choice for quick and convenient meals that do not compromise on quality or flavor.

The recipe for Del Monte Baked Beans, 450g features high-quality beans that are cooked to perfection and blended with a rich tomato sauce. This tomato sauce is prepared with the finest ingredients, including garlic, onions, and a carefully selected blend of herbs and spices, to provide a harmonious balance of flavors.

Del Monte Baked Beans, 450g is more than just a tasty meal. These baked beans are incredibly nutritious and contain natural fiber, protein, and vitamins necessary for your body. For this reason, they are perfect for those seeking a healthy and quick meal option that will leave them feeling satisfied.

These baked beans are easy to serve, require no additional preparation, and are incredibly versatile. You can enjoy them on their own, add them to your breakfast, serve them alongside your main course or use them to make a delicious and nutritious sausage casserole.

If you are looking for an easy and tasty meal that will give you the energy you need to power through your day, then Del Monte Baked Beans, 450g is the ideal choice. Try them out for your next meal, and you will not be disappointed!


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