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4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags, Assorted Flavours, 454g, (Pack of 5)
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4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags, Assorted Flavours, 454g, (Pack of 5)


Product Description






Includes Seasoning Sachet

Spice Scale
III || – – –

Ideal Fit For
Get-togethers, Spice aficionados, Memory trip down south Connoisseurs of Cheese, Jerry’s fans Post workout snack, Fitness Enthus, Raw lovers Movie Marathons, The OG’s, Nostalgic cravings Get-togethers, Movie Marathons

Jumbo Corn, NON GMO, Whole Grain, No Cholesterol

Ready to Pop Microwave Bag

Perfect Companion
Fizzy Drink, Beer Fizzy Drink, Wine Juice, Tea Fizzy Drink, Juice Juice, Tea

Shelf Life
12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months

Pack of
3 and 10 3 and 10 3 and 10 3 and 10 3

Contain 5 Assorted Microwave Popcorn Bags (Natural, Butter, Cheese, BBQ, Caramel).
Non-GMO Corn, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, No Trans Fat.
Must need Microwave Machine for the same. Cannot be done in any other appliances.
Prepared in under 4 minutes in a ready-to-pop popcorn bag.


Introducing the ultimate snack for movie nights, binge-watching your favorite shows or just satisfying your craving for a delicious and guilt-free treat – the 4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags. This pack of 5 microwave bags is a must-have in every household, offering a variety of invigorating flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

The 4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags, come in a convenient pack of 5, each weighing 454g. That’s a total of over two kilograms of high-quality, non-GMO, and organic popcorn, so you never run out of this irresistible snack during your snack time rituals or movie marathons. These microwave bags are FDA compliant, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they’re completely safe to eat.

What’s more, each bag comes with a different flavor, perfect for catering to everyone’s taste preferences. Choose from classic butter, zesty salsa, tangy cheese, savory barbeque, or sweet caramel. Each flavor is carefully crafted and selected to ensure that they bring out the best in every kernel.

Not only are the 4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags, delicious, they’re also easy to prepare. Simply put the bag in the microwave for a few minutes and wait for the sound of popping kernels. Each bag is expertly designed to cook the popcorn to perfection, ensuring even cooking and a consistently fluffy texture. Plus, it’s mess-free, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after.

Made with only the finest quality ingredients, the 4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags, are a healthier alternative to other snacks that are filled with preservatives, artificial flavors, and unhealthy fats. You can indulge in this treat without any guilt and enjoy every bite knowing that you’re nourishing your body with wholesome goodness.

In conclusion, the 4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bags, pack of 5, is a must-have snack in every household. It’s perfect for satisfying your cravings, entertaining your guests, or simply enjoying a movie night with family and friends. The assortment of flavors, combined with the convenience and quality of these microwave bags, makes it an unbeatable option for any occasion. Try them out today and experience the ultimate snacking delight!


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